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Tenarch fixes the broken bits of hiring, so you can spend your time on the high-value stuff.
Let us help you make better decisions and execute faster.


Creating a successful team starts with a clear plan.

Our Role Blueprint is your team's advantage. A structured and guided workflow, it helps you clearly define your hiring requirements, streamlining the process and saving time. With its focus on the key criteria proven to yield results, the Role Blueprint provides a solid foundation for your hiring process, giving you the enhanced level of detail you need in less time.

  • bullet icon Define your requirements with ease: our guided workflow helps you clarify your needs and streamline the hiring process.
  • bullet icon Align faster: avoid back-and-forth meetings and get straight to the essential details.
  • bullet icon Cover all bases: our process covers essential skills, experiences, mission, team values, and critical fit criteria.
  • bullet icon Evidence-based: our approach uses data and research from thousands of jobs and hiring managers.
  • bullet icon Strong foundation: the Role Blueprint sets the stage for engaging talent and informed assessments, leading to a successful hiring process.
Tenarch Talent Profile
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Get Signal

Figuring out who is right for your team through reading resumes or recruiter notes is all pain for minimal gain. You need better data you can trust. We find talent for you and evaluate them on over 20 evidence-based signals across three categories: Team Fit, Role Fit, and Work History.

  • bullet icon Team Fit: Matches candidate's preferences with yours for the best fit and highlights areas of solid alignment and possible misalignment
  • bullet icon Based on 8 research-backed factors: Integrity, Collaboration, Adaptability, Results-orientation, Detail-orientation, Customer-orientation, Rigorousness, and Competitiveness
  • bullet icon Role Fit: Deep dives into skills and experience to provide a clear signal on what's most important to candidates in their next role
  • bullet icon Work History: Uses machine learning algorithms to highlight relevant signals from a candidate's profile and combines this with their detailed work experience to give you a complete overview of their work history and significant accomplishments.


No more sifting through resumes. Our Talent Profile consolidates critical candidate data into a comprehensive "super resume."

  • bullet icon Quickly identify the right talent for the job, using data you can trust.
  • bullet icon Reduce bias in your hiring process so you don't miss out on the best people
  • bullet icon Clearly understand why this candidate is the right fit for the role and your organization.
  • bullet icon Enhances the interview process by guiding what to focus on and creating an engaging candidate experience
Tenarch Talent Profile
Tenarch Work History

Make it magnetic

Traditional job application forms and screening calls suck.

They're our least favorite part of the hiring process, which is why we replaced them with our candidate experience.

It's a candidate's fully customized guide to your team, company, and role.

  • bullet icon Get the whole story: Cover more than a resume or phone screen can offer.
  • bullet icon Stand out from the crowd: Give candidates a delightful experience that motivates them to engage further with your company.
  • bullet icon No more tedious screens: Save time and energy for candidates and you.
  • bullet icon Align quickly with candidates: Provide valuable insights into team fit, role fit, and work experience.
  • bullet icon Efficient, effective, and positive hiring process. More joy, less suck.
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Streamline your hiring and find the right talent with Tenarch.

We bring the data and methods you've been missing to zero in on the best talent for your team and help you stand out in the struggle for talent.

At Tenarch, we're all about high-leverage hiring. Our goal is to save you time and get you excited to talk to candidates again.

We believe using modern practices is essential for teams who want to hire faster, smarter, and more confidently.

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