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Modern Hiring
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There's a gap between what research tells us works best when it comes to hiring, and what we end up doing in practice. This methodology closes that gap.

It's built on a core of research and from my years of experience building high-performing teams at startups, scale-ups, and some of the biggest technology companies in the world.

I've employed these methods to help hundreds of leaders discover, hire, and retain top talent.

Rich Paret

Founder, Tenarch

Fundamental guidelines that inform every aspect of the hiring process, from sourcing and screening candidates to selecting and onboarding them.

Read more about our 7 core principles that we rely on at Tenarch to make lasting hiring decisions.




Before you ever read a resume or interview a candidate, implementing these foundational practices to save yourself time and money.



Running the System

Key “day-to-day” practices that cover everything from screening, assessing, and interviewing talent to making sure that you are creating a great employer brand through a positive candidate experience.



Learning and Improving

Hiring isn’t a fixed, closed process. These practices help you extend your hiring process beyond offer acceptance as well as improve and refine your practice as you grow.

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