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Fundamental guidelines that inform every aspect of the hiring process, from sourcing and screening candidates to selecting and onboarding them.

Hiring is a System

The hiring process should be viewed as a holistic system rather than a series of isolated steps or events. All elements of the hiring process, from job analysis to interviewing and selection, should be carefully designed and integrated with each other to effectively assess and identify the best candidates for the role. The principle highlights the importance of creating a consistent and effective hiring process that supports the organization's talent strategy and goals.

Hiring is a Wicked Environment

A wicked learning environment is one with hidden rules and information and delayed, inaccurate, and/or infrequent feedback loops. This means that it’s hard to learn from your mistakes, and that the heuristics that you use may suddenly fail to work without warning.

"Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not"

That’s a quote from Leslie Cornfeld, founder of the National Education Equity Lab. We believe that great talent is out there being consistently overlooked because of lack of data, training, and experience on the part of hiring teams. Improving this is a huge opportunity for everyone.

Respect for People

Hiring is a human process, but too often we take the humanity out of it. We believe that everyone involved should be treated with respect and dignity.

Follow the Evidence

There’s a tremendous amount of research on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to hiring, but too often that research is trapped in writing and doesn’t make it “to the field” - where it can be put to use. We believe in applying evidenced-based techniques to make hiring better.

Think in terms of “Fit”

Fit is what we call the two-way alignment between a person and a job. It’s multidimensional, spanning team and organization fit, role fit, mission and values fit, skills and experience fit, and more. Clearly quantifying each dimension of fit allows everyone involved in the hiring process to communicate, evaluate, and make good decisions.

Be Data Driven

Every hiring system generates vast amounts of data, but too often we fail to develop and deploy this data to make good decisions and improve our hiring process. We want to use data to better understand our hiring process and our candidates in order to make better decisions, faster.

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