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Streamline sourcing, screening, and interviewing.
Get the right data and make better hires, faster.

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Trusted by leaders building high performance teams.
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We make you
better at hiring

We fix the broken bits of hiring, giving you time to focus on what matters. Our innovative, data-rich sourcing and screening delivers:

Better potential employees
High-quality interviews
Better potential employees
Candidates that are 5x more likely to be hired
Better potential employees
Higher confidence in hiring decisions
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Modern Methods

Our methods combine modern hiring research, data science, machine-learning, and expert humans to find the people that will be the best fit for your team.

We've developed our methods to overcome these limitations of traditional hiring:

Downward trend

Traditional hiring is slow.

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Traditional hiring is biased.


Traditional hiring is very low signal.

Better Hires, Faster

Best talent

Best talent

Best talent

We bring the process, data, and methods you've been missing to zero in on the best talent for your team and help you stand out as an employer.

Best talent

Save you time

Save you time

Save you time

Our goal is to save you time, cut down on the painful stuff, and get you excited to talk to candidates again.

Save you time

Modern practices

Modern practices

Modern practices

We believe using modern practices is essential for teams who want to hire faster, smarter, and more confidently.

Modern practices

Candidates Love Us

Our streamlined, candidate-friendly process builds engagement and credibility well before your first conversation, so you can confidently compete for top talent.

testimonial-Miguel H.

Miguel H.

Software Developer

That was pretty much the best process I have seen so far

testimonial-Zdenek H.

Zdenek H.

Founding Product Engineer

I expected it to be a typical ATS that made him reload my resume and stuff. I was expecting to do it halfway and get discouraged, but it won me over and I was pleasantly surprised in the end.

testimonial-Vlad K.

Vlad K.

Senior Software Engineer

Really liked how all the info on the company was there (salary range, team size, etc)

testimonial-Gal A.

Gal A.

Tech Lead

Overall I loved the process' vibes. It felt very informative, transparent and nonformal, which was soothing as well in this potentially stressful situation. I loved the idea of asking candidates how they would prefer to be evaluated!

testimonial-Nicola A.

Nicola A.

Software Engineer

I can honestly say that it was a good experience: questions are well defined and well focused, not long to complete, very interesting approach for discovering the vision of the company, making the process not just ‘one-way.’

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Who is this for?

What's it cost?

What makes you different?

What kind of teams do you help build?

What parts of the world do you hire talent in?

Can you help me find emerging market talent?

Can you work with my recruiting team?

I’m used to working with recruiters on contingency - is that an option?

Can you help me hire an executive?

How long will it take to fill my roles?

Can you perform in-depth technical assessments of candidates for me?

Are you an ATS? A Job board? A Hiring Marketplace?

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Find the right talent
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At Tenarch, we're all about high-leverage hiring. Our goal is to save you time and get you excited to talk to candidates again.