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Find the Right Talent to Grow Your Team Faster.

Ditch traditional hiring methods that don’t work and leverage the power of evidence-based hiring to save time and hire great teammates.

Tenarch is an innovative recruiting service built by leaders for leaders to help rapidly growing companies grow their team using processes backed by science, not superstition.

Tenarch is A Better Way of Hiring

Go beyond the shortfalls of traditional hiring methods. Using the power of machine learning, human experts, and organizational psychology, we're able to find and engage with talent that is best suited for the positions you need to fill and the culture of your company.

We bridge the gap between what’s on a candidate's profile and what will work for your team by deeply understanding your preferences and culture and connecting you with candidates who are excited and qualified to work with you.

With us, you never have to waste your time painfully screening or interviewing unqualified candidates. Get pre-qualified candidates to make your hiring process efficient and much less stressful.

From role definition to direct outreach and pre-qualification, our expert process lets you grow your team with confidence.

Tenarch is Built for Hiring Managers and Founders

It doesn’t matter if you are a hiring manager, team lead, or founder, Tenarch can seamlessly help you hire the right talent for your company with the latest tools and technology.

Unlike legacy recruiting agencies, we’re founded and led by operators, not recruiters, giving us the necessary chops to find the perfect candidates who are qualified and excited to join your team.

Recruiting is different, and so are we

Long gone are the days of posting a “help wanted” ad on a job board and hoping for great candidates to fall in your lap.

Let’s face it: Highly qualified candidates and great talent are often not actively looking for a job. Does this mean they won’t love working with you?

Traditional recruiters and talent marketplaces usually only match you with candidates who are actively looking to change roles.

Tenarch is different. We use science-backed processes, machine-learning, and expert humans to connect with the most qualified candidates and invite them to become part of your team.

Our 3-point Difference


Expert Power

Tenarch is founded on the experience of expert leaders who have created teams at high-growth startups and large companies like Twitter and Google. We've tapped into this expertise to power Tenarch for leaders.


Evidence-based Process

We combine science-backed processes to go beyond the ineffective and biased traditional recruiting methodologies. This lets you find the perfect talent for your company.


Quality and Speed

Our specialized, proven process lets us deliver high-quality candidates faster. We believe that sending you fewer, more highly qualified profiles saves you time and money. Our vetting process also delivers better signals before interviewing - allowing you to get into deep conversations about fit from the first meeting!

How it Works

Getting started with Tenarch and building a great team is simple and easy.

Here’s exactly how it works:

  • Number 1 illustrationClick the “Join Waitlist” button below to sign up for the waitlist. Our service is in limited beta through 2022, focused on hiring critical talent for early stage and high growth startups.
  • Number 2 illustrationWe work with you to understand the critical attributes for the role and key selling points for candidates, building a hiring blueprint that's unique to you.
  • Number 3 illustrationWe reach out to the most qualified candidates on your behalf. In today's hiring market, direct outreach to qualified candidates is the most effective way to recruit top talent.
  • Number 4 illustrationCandidates who show interest are thoroughly vetted by Tenarch using modern personnel selection research. No other service provides this combination of expert power, technology, and vetting.
  • Number 5 illustrationYou get high-quality, exceptional candidates that are excited to talk to you, are aligned with your goals, and are ready to join your team.
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Ready to Build a Great Team with Tenarch?

Building a great team with the right talent is crucial to growing your company. We’re here to make this process less intimidating and time-consuming. By delivering not only great candidates but also better signals, we bring certainty to your hiring process.

Tenarch is already helping high-growth startups and companies find their next great teammates.

If you're excited about a better way to hire, we're excited to talk with you. Join the waitlist or send us an email at